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After 162 games, Yankees won the chance to get in the playoff games. In the past few weeks, Yankees had already defeated Twins and Angles. Now they are facing Phillies to see who is the world champion this year. I believe Yankees can beat Phillies and win the world serious champion again.

Posted by: gary82311 | September 10, 2009

My first baseball game

8/15 I went to 天母 baseball stadium to watch Uni Lions’s game. Actually it was my first time to watch baseball at the park even though I’m crazy about baseball for a long time. The game was exciting because all players tried their best to proved themselves. The only thing that made me felt sad was that Lions lost by 1 point . Though Lions lost the game in the end, watching ball games at the park was still a great experience.

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Yankees 15 : 0 Mets

Yankees 15 : 0 Mets

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Introduction of Baseball World

Hello all visitors. Welcome to my baseball world. I’m Gary Huang from Taiwan. Baseball takes an important part in my life and it’s really popular in my country. I usually stay up late just for watching ball games. All the causes above are the reasons why I create this blog. I’m going to post many articles about MLB, CPBL and NPB on my blog. If you are a baseball fans like me, please visit my blog and give me some useful advises. I really like to share knowledge with every baseball fans, and I hope to learn more by this blog.

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Yankees wins today!!

NYY 4 : 3 TB Yankees wins today!!

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Games Today


NYY7 : 9 TB